top shelf FLOWERS

We have a huge variety of different strains that we specialize in cultivating in our massive state-of-the-art grow facility. Our strain list is constantly evolving as we develop new innovative unique crosses for our customers. Our signature strain for the past several years has been our Chem Dog. A heavy indica that has both incredible aroma and unrivaled potency. In 2015 this strain was named the "Strongest Strain on Earth" by High Times Magazine and has only gotten better since! With a full-time geneticist on staff we are constantly creating the newest, most flavorful, colorful, and potent strains on the planet. Starting with some amazing genetics has allowed us to produce not only new, but incredibly strong strains that are only available at our Dispensary in Denver Colorado. By maximizing our grow space and innovating new cultivation procedures we have been able to bring costs of production down and though our flowers are of Top-Shelf quality, we are able to offer them at extremely competitive prices to the city of Denver. This is what drives our business and keeps our customers coming back time and time again. Come check out what we have to offer at out Denver location, we are sure you won't be disappointed! 


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