delectable Edibles

One of the most common forms of cannabis consumption is just that, consumables. We have chosen some of the finest, tastiest, and most consistent edible companies to provide for our customers here at The Dab. 

When it comes to edibles there are a couple things that you need to look for to make sure you're consuming something both safe and delicious.

First of these is consistency. In the Recreational Cannabis market in Denver edible companies are required to divide their delectable treats into portions of 10mg or less. This is done as a service to the consumer as a way of regulating the amount you will consume at one time. For some people 10mg will be just the right dose to give them the desired effects, others will require more. This way you can put your mind at ease and not worry about consuming to much at once. It is important that edible companies pay close attention to these guidelines and make sure each portion is equally dosed. 

Secondly, you want something tasty with a delicious flavor, not something that just tastes like the cannabis it was made to contain. We chose these very carefully so that there is a wide variety of flavors to please ever palate, that won't have overpowering marijuana flors associated with them.